Zlaten Dab Beer

zlaten dab 154Prilep is situated in southern Macedonia in a valley under a mountain range known as Marko’s Towers in honor of their twelfth century ruler, Prince Marko. The pride and joy of the Prilep Brewery is  Zlaten Dab, a high quality European lager with a golden yellow color. Hence the name Zlaten Dab  or Golden Oak.  Zlaten Dab is a unique lager offering a pleasant  bitterness and pure taste with of 11% malt and a content of 4, 5% volume alcohol making it one of the most popular beers in the Balkans. The Prilep Brewery was founded in 1924 and enjoyed consistent growth up to Second World War.  Following reactivation in 1953 the privately owned Prilep Brewery as grown through investments in high technology   which have turned it into one of the most modern breweries in the Balkans today. Of special note is the Prilep Pivofest (Beer fest). This annual 4 day party  is held in the middle of July and is the largest beer festival and international music stage in the Balkans.