Macedonia Importers, LLC.

Macedonian Products are made available through Macedonia Importers, LLC. and our Licensed  Importer/Master Distributor, AG Mac, LLC., Columbus, Ohio.  Complete product details can be viewed at the AGMac Importers links at the bottom of each page at this website. We are  organized by Macedonian Americans in order to provide products from The Republic of Macedonia with a passion to help stimulate economic development in Macedonia while sharing their great product  with our American friends and families from all backgrounds.

Wines, fruits, cheese and vegetables as well as a variety of manufactured consumer products are now available from Macedonia, as well as highly skilled business process outsourcing (BPO) support activities. Logistics and warehouse centers as well as  the textile and light manufacturing industry continue to provided unique   opportunities and Macedonia Importers is prepared to offer sourcing services to interested parties.

mk-mapWe have selected several unique wines and other products to share  with our North American friends on the following pages. Please revisit from time to time to see what new products we may be offering. To find out more about other business opportunities in Macedonia please visit