Other Wines

Macedonia Importers is always looking for new wines  that our customers can enjoy.

Below are several of our new featured selections.


Located in the Demir Kapija valley on the southeast part of the Tikveshiya grape growling sub-region in the Povardarie region of Macedonia , this area has grown vineyards and have made wines since the 13 century BC. It is a locations known for excellent climate and perfect soil for grapes .

L.S.D.A. (The Secret of the Lovers) Wines

This French wine was created by three wine-lovers (Christopher, Patrick, and Julien) with the goal to implement the best methods of wine making and grape selections consumer demand to produce desirable, contemporary, and stylish wines. Through mastering each step of the wine making process and paying close attention to detail, L.S.D.A. has been able to tailor their wines to the needs and desires of consumers, making them a highly-favored French wine brand. Today, L.S.D.A. has been able to create a true community around their wines.


Illyrian wines are created by Biopak LLC. the  first private winery in KOSOVO in 2002. Biopak LLC is located in the west of the city of Rahovec, Rahovec. Archaeologists have found epitaphs from century 1 AD in Rahovec that are engraved with castles grape vine that proves a thousand-year tradition of the cultivation of grapes in this region.


Hunter’s is the dream of Ernie and Jane Hunter – a fiercely independent, family-owned winery established in Marlborough, New Zealand over 30 years ago.

Hunter’s Wines have won more than 200 gold medals at national and international wine competitions and they’re still breaking new ground with new varietals, new wine-making techniques and consistently seeking the highest quality wines.


In twenty five years, Podrum Radovanović Winery in Serbia has won many awards for its wines around the globe and participated in some of the most distinguished international wine competitions.


Stoneburn Vineyard was established in the heart of Marlborough’s famous Wairau Valley, New Zealand  in 1989 on a stony riverbed site. Named after the owners’ Scottish heritage, the vineyard has gone from strength to strength in terms of production and quality. Over the years Stoneburn wines have won a number of medals at wine shows around the world.

Stoneburn wines are fresh, lively and well balanced. They are sealed with a Stelvin closure to preserve their full character.

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